Judy Brown Brings You Hitty
In 1983 a friend introduced Judy to a delightful story about a little wooden doll. Her imagined adventures have intrigued numbers of readers since 1929. "Hitty, Her First Hundred Years", was written by Rachel Field and beautifully illustrated by Dorothy Lathrop.

Judy has made hundreds of Hitty dolls since 1983 when she was first asked by her friend to carve the little doll in the story. Judy says, "At the time I began carving Hitty, I supposed the doll was a product of Rachel Field's imagination. I was surprised and delighted when stories appeared in several Doll Reader Magazine issues about the "real" doll, who now resides in the Historical Museum at the Stockbridge, Massachusetts Library.

Judy took liberties with the description of Hitty in the story. She envisioned a sweet child's face on a little doll that would balance nicely in the palm of her hand. Her little Hitty would have the snub nose shown in the book and often the stubborn chin ... But she was given a little "extra something" in that she could move her arms and legs independently. Judy's Hitty could dance!
Dolls are available by order. Contact Judy at: Dollcarver@verizon.net
No Excuses Hitty Kits - WOOD BLANK

This unique and copyrighted 1997 body style is the one used on Judy's hand carved Hitty dolls. It is available in birch or bass wood.

Bass wood is a creamy to light color and a good wood for beginning carvers. The birch has a strong, fine grain and is ideal for the limbs and joints of Judy's doll designs.

To make it easier, Judy cuts the thumb joint and removes wood from the palm of the hand. The blank is cut and the parts checked for accurate fit. The holes are drilled and temporary pegs are inserted.

BLANKS. $39 plus shipping
Warren whittling knife with 6 interchangeable blades.
$28 plus shipping
GUIDELINES for Carving "Hitty"

Judy wrote step by step guidelines for carving, painting and dressing the 6 1/4" doll made from her blank. These copyrighted guidelines include text, photos and drawings for completing your very own Hitty doll. $20 plus shipping

The Hitty wood blank, the guidelines, and Warren knife set $95 includes shipping

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